90th anniversary of the Kinder Scout Mass Trespass. Please celebrate and keep up the fight. This Land is Your Land!

We have access to just 8% of the English landscape. Our combined footpaths and bridleways make up just 0.3% of our land mass.

This week the British government announced that it was shelving its report on further Right to Roam, effectively telling us all to get stuffed!

We are still paying – through our taxes – access-denying landowners a fortune in subsidies, even for their hunting and shooting estates. So we pay the cash and won’t even now get more crumbs in return.

No access on the Scottish model of rights with responsibilities, which would have been ideal.

Sadly, the formal outdoor organisations, such as the Ramblers Association, are doing next to nothing in the way of a campaign. I was pleased to see their president Stuart Maconie praise the Kinder Scout trespassers, but that isn’t quite a campaign is it? The RA – and I’ve been a member for about fifty years – really need to wade into this battle, or risk being overtaken by newer groups.

Given the lack of enthusiasm by Establishment groups, it seems we’ll have to fight on without them.

So please campaign for the Right to Roam. Please support the Mass Trespasses now being organised across our countryside. Please ignore the barriers and continue to roam responsibly across the Land. Read the Scottish Access Code and just treat the landscape as if you were north of the border.

Keep watching this blog for updates…

This Land is Our Land.

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