6 thoughts on “How to Help Hedgehogs

  1. and of course… the main one… when you see a large, humped dark shape on the road at night – don’t run the poor thing over! I really can’t understand anyone running a hedgehog over – they either just don’t care or they really don’t look where they’re going (something I suspect happens a lot!)

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  2. All good advice. We’re not far from St Tiggywinkles and we’re always taking some casualty or other over there. A few years ago I sponsored a hedgehog recovery unit there and there’s a little plaque on a wall there to prove it, so I’m proud to have helped in some way. We get hedgehogs in our back garden sometimes, and they’re always a joy to see.

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    1. We have one around, we’ve seen the droppings, but no sign as yet. Worrying that the numbers have fallen over the past years.

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      1. Very worrying. Thank goodness there are people like this looking out for them. We took one over to Tiggy’s a couple of years ago that was out during the day, so its very useful to have information put out there that informs on when there’s a problem.

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